What is Frelsens Hær Nørrebro?

Frelsens Hær Nørrebro is a community center and is run by The Danish Salvation Army. You can also attend our courses and workshops.

We are an alcohol and smoke free house where all the rooms also have easy access for wheel chairs and baby carriages.

Frelsens Hær Nørrebros address is Thorsgade 48A, Copenhagen N.

Everyone can participate in the courses or in the groups, whether you have a job, are a student, unemployed, retired, on maternity leave, sick leave or waiting for your resident permit.

Everybody is welcome!

Frelsens Hær Nørrebro is a house with room for all people regardless of age, gender, religion and ethnicity. The house is daily visited by a large variety of people, i.e. young people, adults, elderly, all of many different nationalities. Many live on Nørrebro, but quite a few do also come from other parts of Copenhagen.

You can participate in one or several of our activities or just drop in to meet other people. There is always free coffee and tea.


Danish course: DKK 400,00 per month


Children are welcome accompanied by their mum or dad.

Opening hours

Monday and Wednesday from 9.00 to 19.00 o´clock, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00 to 16.00 o´clock.